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Sole Healing Foot Ritual

Relax & Detox

45 mins| $69

This healing foot ritual melts away your stresses and rejuvenates your tired feet and body by eliminating toxins. Starts with a foot soak in a copper bowl that has healing properties with aromatic foot soak salts. Copper minerals remove germs, bacteria, and assist with the body’s detoxification. It also helps in the area of pain and inflammation. Nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles are groomed and conditioned, removal of rough, callused skin, aromatic sugar scrub is then dry massage your legs & feet to remove dead skin cells and drain your toxins. Revive your tired feet and loosen up your stiff feet muscles with our energy balancing Kansa foot & leg massage with hydrating lotion/ aromatic oil for you to feel light and energized. It also helps to release stress, anxiety and exhaustion and helps you to feel calm & cool by releasing excess heat in body.  Excess oil is removed with a steamed hot towel which is replenishing. Nails are then painted with the Vinylux colour of your choice.