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Dry Body Brushing (Add-On Only)

Relax & Detox
30 minutes | $59

(Add on treatment with any Face Rituals)

Dry brushing is a type of Ayurvedic medicine that has been around for centuries to keep the body healthy. Skin brushing has also been around in many cultures since ancient history, such as Greeks, the Japanese, and Native Americans. Dry Body Brushing is the natural traditional practice that involves brushing over the skin dry.

This ritual is to exfoliate and stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system to effectively move toxins out of your body, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated also reduces the cellulite appearance. Dry body brushing, combined with hot stone therapy or gentle warm oil massage, will help if you are detoxing.

Our gentle, deep cleaning, fresh-scented brightening body wash, with kombucha prepares the skin for the dry body brushing. A natural bristled made up of plant fibre is used to massage briskly in circular and sweeping motions all over your body. The idea is to brush in the direction of your heart to boost circulation and encourage lymph flow. This ritual involves firm massage in order to receive the benefits; however, it should not be painful.